Fun with the Beijing Olympic 2008

August 13, 2008


With the exotic opening of the grand olympic festiva in beijing, china; china might have come somewhat closer to liberalization. Advertisements

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Desktop Wallpapers For XP, Vista, MacOS, Linux

August 12, 2008

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Mostly people don’t use the default bliss wallpaper that comes with XP and the grass of vista. They like a change. Internet has lot more resources that help you with all these. I will like to brief you on some of the best wallpaper resources in Internet. There are some websites dedicated to wallpapers and they are really great. […]

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The Google Icons — they are crazy

August 10, 2008


Google is undoubtebly the paramount of internet host. It is the wildest search engine, powerful email client, useful blog utility and lot more. For many google is the homepage from where they access the internet. And to their amusement google changes it’s icons frequently. It has new logo, new icon and new themes regularly.

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Ads of Apple

August 10, 2008


When apple macintosh was just creeping up, it used to have some really adventerous advertisements. If Steve Jobs sees it now, he would really enjoy this ride. The 1984 ad campaign of Apple is a joy ride for many apple geeks. They love the glorious period and the classic advertisement style of apple.