Desktop Wallpapers For XP, Vista, MacOS, Linux

Posted on August 12, 2008

Mostly people don’t use the default bliss wallpaper that comes with XP and the grass of vista. They like a change. Internet has lot more resources that help you with all these. I will like to brief you on some of the best wallpaper resources in Internet.

There are some websites dedicated to wallpapers and they are really great. But some blogging sites too host wallpapers. They collect them from different sources and are the best hand picked selection. I hope to provide you an insight into it.

1. honkiat dot com: Honkiat is a source of wonderful wallpapers and blogging utility. You will find nice articles, informations, rss and lot more and also some wonderful piece of wallpapers.


2.  interfacelift dot com: Interfacelift is another useful site which hosts wonderful wallpapers. They work for all OSes and is great for your desktop.


Source: InterfaceLIFT

3. gnome-look dot org:  Gnome look is a free website with lots of resources. From Icons to Linux themes, Metacity, Nautilus, XMMS and other themes. This website also has a wonderful resource of wallpapers donated by numerous volunteers. Have a look at this site too.


source: gnome-look

4. Social Wallpapering: Social Wallpapering is another great side to visit. You can find a good collection of wallpapers here for your choice. The url is socwall dot com.


Source: socwall

5. Smashing Magazine Monthly Calendar: Smashing Magazine is a great graphical site with lots of blog and graphical utility. It launches new list of wallpapers every month with exotic and fine tuned wallpaper collection you will love to download.

Smashing Magazine

Source: Smashing Magazine

6. PixelgirlPresents dot com: pixelgirlpresents dot com collects wallpapers from different users and post them in their website. This way it has a wonderful collection of wallpapers and they are the property of the artists themselves. Obviously you are free to use them.

pixelgirlpresents dot com

Source: pixelgirlpresents dot com

7. wallcoo dot com: A chinese website with all you need type of wallpapers. It has the finest collection of websites from around the world. You don’t even need to learn chinese to get impressed from the images and download them in any pixels you like. Great site give it a try.

Wallcoo dot com

Source: Wallcoo dot com

8. vladstudio dot com: Vladstudio is the project of Russian digital artist Vlad Gerasimov. This has a wonderful collection of arts and desktop graphics. Enjoy this site.

Source: Vlad Studio dot com

9. devianart dot com: Devian art is the largest collector of free wallpapers with unique images. People are free to post their images and you can also rate them. To post images and videos you have to be a member of devianart dot com.

devianart dot com

Source: devianart dot com

10.  National Geography dot com: National geography society is one of the richest sources of wallpapers in the internet. You can always believe those guys and use their photos. Genius and marvelous piece of illustrations. Check out photography dot nationalgeographic dot com:

photography dot nationalgeographic dot com

Source: photography dot nationalgeographic dot com

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