Ads of Apple

Posted on August 10, 2008


Ads from Apple

Ads from Apple

When apple macintosh was just creeping up, it used to have some really adventerous advertisements. If Steve Jobs sees it now, he would really enjoy this ride. The 1984 ad campaign of Apple is a joy ride for many apple geeks. They love the glorious period and the classic advertisement style of apple.

Apple is used by the so called cool guys and is a dream computer to many including me. “If I have an apple, I won’t ask for anything”. There were some very famous and humurous ads of apple. Watchout for some of them.

Well the other guy used his mac like this. Not what Apple might have thought of.

A Mac Being used as a beer server!

A Mac Being used as a beer server!

And the old Mac Commercial giving details of what a mac has..

Apple in the Mag

Apple in the Mag

Why a kid needs a Mac. Another Apple ad.

Yet another apple ad

Yet another apple ad

The famous 1984 TV commercial:

The 1984 apple commercial

The 1984 apple commercial Resuffeled fo iPod

The Final Slogan in 1984 apple ad

The Final Slogan in 1984 Apple Ad

The plot:

The commercial opens with a dystopic, industrial setting in blue and gray tones, showing a line of individuals (of ambiguous gender) marching in unison. They are moving through a long tunnel monitored by a string of televisions. This is in sharp contrast to the full-color shots of the nameless heroine (Anya Major) who has appeared to rescue them. She looks more like an Olympic track and field athlete than a soldier, as she is carrying a large brass-headed hammer and is wearing an athletic “uniform” (bright orange athletic shorts, running shoes, a white tank top with a Picasso-style picture of Apple’s Macintosh computer, a white sweat band on her left wrist, and a red one on her right).

Big Brother (David Graham) speaking to his audience of drones.

As she is chased by four security guards (presumably agents of the Thought Police with black riot-police uniform, helmets with visors covering their faces, and armed with large night sticks) the heroine races towards a large screen with the image of a Big Brother-like figure (David Graham) on it. He is celebrating the anniversary of the “Information Purification Directives” (which he summarizes as an end to “contradictory thoughts”) and tells his audience that, “our ‘Unification of Thoughts’ is more powerful a weapon” than anything else he could offer them. The heroine, now close to the screen, hurls the hammer towards it, right at the moment Big Brother announces, “we shall prevail!” In a flurry of light and smoke, the screen is destroyed.

Watch this video from apple in Youtube: